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Jordan Ju Chief Consultant.  15-year experience in registration of companies, with expertise, insights and skills in (i) tailoring cost-effective and sophisticated solutions for foreign investors, (ii) forming or canceling of various types of foreign invested enterprises, (iii) understanding laws, regulations and policies in respect of government permission on investments in China, (iv) providing professional consulting services for foreign investors through policy research and feasibility study, and (v) networking extensively and maintaining a close relationship with government authorities, especially local government agencies in Qingdao.

John Z Wang Consultant Director, with CPA CPV CREA and CREV ,10 years in asset valuation auditing and 2 years experience in GE Commercial Finance NPL. Strong knowledge in financial analysis, real estate, assets, appraisal, accounting, auditing of engineering and construction.
*(CPA) China Certified Public Accountant
* (CPV) China Certified Public Assets Appraiser
*(CREA) China Certified Real Estate Appraiser
*(CREV) China Real Estate(Land Use Right) Valuer

Qing Jia

Accountant/Consultant, 19-year experience in accounting and tax services as an associate accountant, with expertise, insights and skills in (i) understanding laws, regulations and policies in respect of financial and accounting practices in China; (ii) handling taxes and levies, especially sales tax and personal income tax imposed on various types of foreign invested enterprises, such as corporations, subsidiaries and offices etc.; and (iii) handling procedures and formalities of tax authorities and solving tax hassles.

Jessie Song
Consultant, a lawyer assistance & legal translator, graduated from English Department of BIT. For over ten years, she participated in a lot of legal cases to provide legal translation service to clients and engaged in legal translating from English to Chinese and from Chinese to English, especially good at translating economic, financial and legal documents such as kinds of contracts, articles of association, and financial statements.

Ruby Shi

Interpreter/Consultant. Being educated and worked in Australia, she was involved with accountancy and consulting to a number of small businesses in her earlier career path. With a practical approach to accountancy and taxation, Ruby has extensive knowledge of foreign accounting practice. With strong bilingual ability, Ruby is also the interpreter for teams who serve overseas investors setting up their business in China and managing client relationships.

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