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Foreign investors generally establish a business presence in China in one of the following four modes: Representative Office (RO), Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE), Joint Venture (JV), Partnership Enterprise (PE). HANRONG has had working experience responsible for registering the companies for over ten years and are very familiar with the establishment procedures and documents required of all kinds of companies. They list the documents required for establishing all kinds of companies, simplify the documents provided by clients as possible as they can, provide convenient and efficient registration service to clients, complete the establishment registration of company fast and accurately, and obtain relevant certificates and licenses.

Representative Office (RO)
It may be the most effective solution to set up a RO for the foreign enterprises who have just entered China and sounded out on the market. A RO can develop business for the parent company, such as market research, project investigation, the activity of public relations, getting in touch with the business, product exhibition, scientific and technological exchange and so on. A RO can open bank accounts with RMB/foreign currency and recruit staff through government recognized agencies and apply Residence Permit for the Chief Representative and his/her families. It is simple fast to go through the formalities without requirements such as strict contributions, feasibility study report, the Articles of Association and annual audit reports of contributors and so on. Although no trading, no manufacturing/processing or no invoicing is allowed, as RO is not legal entity, RO is still an easy and saving money solution at the startup of business in China. A RO is the easiest and most economic way of setting up a legal presence in China. It is an office of a foreign enterprise setting up for the purpose of liaising with Chinese businesses and customers on behalf of its parent company.

Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE)
A WFOE is established entirely with foreign capital, under total foreign control and without any Chinese ownership or participation. WFOEs are currently the most popular form of foreign investment in China due to the support for this type of format from the Chinese government. The advantages associated with setting up a WFOE are that the foreign entity can reserve full control of management and sensitive business information, that it may hire local employees directly and receive RMB within China. The registered capital of a WFOE should be subscribed and contributed solely by foreign investors. The minimum investment is required by the local authorities. (generally 15% in advance and the remaining 85% shall be ready within 2 years).
Following are different types of WFOE commonly:
If t he WFOE only be allowed to manufacture here, we can say it’s manufacture WFOE.
If the WFOE is allowed to do consultancy & service, we call them consultancy service WFOE.
If the WFOE is allowed to do trading, wholesale, retail or franchise in China, we call them trading WFOE or FICE (Foreign-invested Commercial Enterprise).

Upgrading Service (from RO to WFOE)
We can provide upgrading service to clients. Due to the limited function of RO, after running the RO for some time, a lot of foreign investors determine to upgrade the current organization structure from RO to WFOE, so as to perfect the function in China and meet the needs of business operation in China. According to clients' various requirements at different development stages in China, HANRONG can bring up various plans of upgrading RO for clients and assist clients in reducing the examination and approval procedures and decreasing costs, so as to upgrade clients' organization smoothly.

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